The worst disease in the world is hate. And the cure for hate is love. ~India Arie


There are a lot of different ways to make a difference.

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Spread Love through Daily #ISpreadlove Action: 

Let’s be intentional everyday about spreading love to everyone we encounter. Need some ideas on how to Spread Love? Everyday we post on our social media outlets practical ways on how you can spread love to your community.  Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information.

Spread Love by Sharing your Story: 

Send us your stories of how you are impacting your community through the power of unconditional love.  You can also post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #iSpreadlove hashtag.  Interested in being a guest blogger? Contact us for more details. We can’t wait to hear your stories! 

Spread Love by volunteering your time, craft or skills:

Are you interested in volunteering at one of our events?  Or are you a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, strategic planner, social media guru or have another skill? We would love for you to join us.  Contact us to see how.

Spread Love by Donating Funds:

Make a difference today. Your financial support will fund many projects and administration costs to keep the lovevolution going. Any amount, no matter how small or large, is greatly appreciated! 


Spread Love by Spreading the Word... 

about what we are doing! We can always use help in spreading awareness about the issues we are tackling and showing people how they can help.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! 


The Lovevolution Starts with You!